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    Villa Athina

    A traditional-designed apartment complex

    Northwest of the island
    23km from the town and marketplace
    A serene and peaceful spot for rest
    Immediate access to the pure nature
    An outdoor adventure
    Homemade-product selling
    Unique sunsets to the Aegean Sea
    Shared swimming pool


    Secluded resort out of the crowds

    Welcome to Villa Athina!

    Are you looking for a destination off the beaten track? If so, “Villa Athina” is the ultimate place for you!

    Abram where the property is located is a seaside, calm, unexplored touristic retreat in which you can easily reach by. It is about 23km northwest of Naxos (Chora) and for the best access is suggested a car or a motorbike for the lovers of the kind. A taxi is also an option. Anyone is able to enjoy and admire the crystal-clear pebble, the sandy beach, the attractive rural landscapes, the picturesque rocks, the unforgettable sunset and the hospitable people always attentive to serve you.

    A visitor apart from staying in our unit should also have the opportunity to enjoy the homemade dishes at our traditional restaurant, just a few meters from the villas ― all with great views of the Aegean Sea.

    The fertile soil of Abram offers marvelous products of all kinds. In Villa Athina anyone can discover and buy our fresh organic vegetables, variety of seasonal fruits, including our distinctive olive oil, our popular -for years- rose and white wine as well as our raki, a quite strong and pleasing drink for summer and winter gatherings.




      Included Services

      Services include free room service every three days in bookings of 5 days or more. In particular, change of towels and bed linen. The waste collection is made daily by us. Pets are always welcome.

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