About us

About Us

A walk in nature walks the soul back home.

The Abram bay, where the accommodation is located is 23km northwest of Naxos island (Chora). The access is recommended by car or motorbike, as well as by taxi. Abram is the ideal destination not only for introverts, but also for people searching for tranquility, for families, for couples but also for anyone interested in hiking or in swimming away from the crowd.

The area features the crystal-clear pebble, the sandy beach, the rural landscapes, the picturesque rocks, the unforgettable sunset and the hospitable people always attentive to serve you. A visitor apart from staying in our unit should also have the opportunity to enjoy the homemade dishes at our traditional restaurant, just a few meters from the apartment complex, Villa Athina.

Last but not least, the fertile soil of Abram offers marvelous products of all kinds. In Villa Athina anyone can discover and buy our fresh organic vegetables, variety of seasonal fruits, including our distinctive olive oil, our popular -for years- rose and white wine as well as our raki, a quite strong and pleasing drink for summer and winter gatherings.


make sure you have noticed that…

Bus routes are not provided ― more info on:

Transfers from and to the (air-port) provided only after request

Nearest shops are found ONLY in Naxos town. Nearest gas station ONLY in Engares”, a village which can be found 16km far from Abram, on the direction to Naxos town

A car is needed if you decide to spend time in Abram

Nearest beach located 3km from Abram which is sandy and calm too, with the name of “Kampos”. Next one is “Apollonas”16km of distance.

No public nudity allowed on the premises of Villa Athina.

Kindly recommend you should have been advised from your map or gps before choosing our place.

You can reach the restaurant and the beach from the villas either on foot (see the photo) or by car.


How can you reach the property

After arriving to Abram bay turn left when you see the relevant sign:

Then, when you see the following sign you just arrived at the property! Welcome to Villa Athina!

The accommodation consists of a total of four villas, with the
following (basic) separation:

  • Bachelor House one-bedroom overlooking the sea
  • Superior one-bedroom villa overlooking the sea
  • Two-bedrooms villa overlooking the sea 
  • Three-bedroom villa overlooking the sea

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